Niamh at 6 months old

Niamh and her 2013 litter mates are 6 months old now. Not only is she quite a beauty but she is maturing into a very nice dog!   Niamh shows toughness with the cattle, gentleness with the sheep and rabbits, especially the new calves and lambs. It's been wonderful to see her play-bow to put [...]

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What Is A Picture Worth?

The saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Yes, a picture has great power, but so do words. Picture these: fingers plucking a tree-ripened red apple from its branch, silvery salmon swimming in clear water, a mound of dew sprinkled green pea pods, perfectly marbled raw beef steak, a bowl of dark blueberries. [...]

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The One That (Almost) Got Away

Caution: graphic photo There we were one fine sunny day, rummaging through stacks of boxes that had been stored under tarps for two years, salvaging what wasn’t ruined by moisture, mice, or pack rats when suddenly, something odd caught our attention. Halfway in-halfway out a hole in a milk crate was a dead pack rat. [...]

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Bluebirds & Buttercups

The glorious Mountain Bluebird returned to our mountain home a few weeks ago, and the humble yellow Buttercup popped up soon therafter. Both are the looked-for signs of spring’s arrival. And let me tell you, spring is here in earnest!!! The hillsides have practically exploded with Buttercups! Bluebirds are happily flitting everywhere, along with Red-Breasted [...]

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