New Puppy’s Arrive!

Our 2015 litter of Naturally Reared English Shepherd puppies made their debut on March 23rd!   All ten, beautiful wee babes and their mother are health and growing fine.   The boys have it this year with 7, to the 3 girls.   Commence snuggling with puppies, precious baby sounds, and all-too-soon romping around the [...]

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Sights & Sounds

Dirt under the fingernails. Scratches and bruises. Cattle getting out and having to be rounded up. Tall conifer-covered mountains. Bumpy dirt roads. Muddy diesel truck. The scent of the wood burning stove in the air… and in my hair. Soft fur. Hawks soaring in the big blue expanse. Calves playing in the paddock. Dogs romping. [...]

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Gone Quackers!

There is another voice on the ranch adding to the usual cacophony… Ducks! An adult flock of rare Ancona ducks is the generous contribution of a sweet Lady who has to move off of her farm. Thank You Sherri!!! Ducks are a completely new species to us, so it’s quite interesting and entertaining to watch [...]

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Cruising Altitude

Here I am, 10,000 feet in the air, on my way home. It’s been a whirlwind 2 months on the warm southern California coast. Incredibly wonderful to be with so much of my extended family, helping my parents during my Dad's recovery from hip replacement surgery, and seeing many old friends!! While departing is definitely [...]

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