Highland Glenn Ranch is the home of

Two Hunnyz Rabbitry

American & Satin kits

American & Satin kits

We raise the breeds Satin and American primarily for meat, breeding stock, and fur. In years past we also exhibited our rabbits which can be quite an additive hobby! We use rabbit manure to fertilize our Kitchen Garden, both ‘fresh’ and composted.

The Satin is known for it’s lustrous fur that comes in many colors (our herd is chocolate and black), and their calm friendly disposition.

To aid in the preservation of rare heritage livestock we raise the American breed rabbit (our herd is the white and blue varieties), acquiring our foundation stock from an isolated gene pool in Alberta, Canada. Americans are a globally endangered breed threatened with extinction. They are curious and friendly, with elegant mandolin type. Through our American Breed Conservation Program we provide quality stock and promote awareness of this wonderful breed.

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***Quality stock is occasionally available. See the Sale Barn. ***