You found it… our new Blog… on our brand spanking new web site! Thank you Todd!!! Check here often for all the latest Ranch News – from English Shepherds to rabbits to rare American Milking Devon cattle.


Speaking of news, have we got some for you… we’re expecting… or rather Fahey and Ailagh are! English Shepherd puppies the end of April, spread the word.


The weather this winter has been crazy, from warmer than normal to subzero. Last night we had rain, so all the snow is slush over ice. Treacherous!  We may have to hoof it up our 1/2 mile long driveway this afternoon. Oh well. That’s part of what we signed on for, living on the edge of the wilderness the way we do. But we wouldn’t trade it!


Hope you all are staying healthy and warm in your neck of the woods!