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We understand not everyone is ready to follow all facets of Natural Rearing. Sometimes it’s better to take small steps at a time. Nor do we ever want to exclude a loving home and family for one of our little ones. So we’ve created four flexible Dog Care Standards for you to choose from!

Those who go the extra mile with our IDEAL Dog Care Standard are eligible for the most comprehensive Health Warranty. Those who meet us halfway are offered an outstanding Warranty. Those who choose our GENERAL Dog Care Standard still benefit from the peace of mind knowing that every Puppy at Highland Glenn is raised with the utmost love and care to ensure the best foundation for a healthy life.

This page highlights just the basics of our Dog Care Standards. The full-length HG care_standards_warranties contains all the details plus the corresponding Health Warranties. Download to print or save for reading at your leisure!

Choose the Dog Care Standard That’s Right for You!

IDEAL: 100% Raw diet, No vaccines, 4 year Warranty

ADVANCED: 50/50 Raw and Commercial diet, Minimal vaccines, 3 year Warranty

BASIC: Commercial diet, Limited vaccines, 2 year Warranty

GENERAL: Commercial diet, conventional vaccine protocol, 1 year Warranty