Highland Glenn’s Blackrock Ailagh

2012 – 2023

DOB: April 19, 2012
Registries: UKC; ESCR
Health Screens: MDR1: normal/normal; CEA: n/CEA (carrier); DM: n/n; pra-PRCD: n/n

Ailagh is a strikingly beautiful Black & Tan with minor white, 20 1/2 inches at the shoulder, and around 55 pounds. She is a 1st Generation Naturally Reared ES from the Blackrock kennel in Washington.

Ailagh (pronounced AY-la) came to us as a young adult, so in keeping with our other dogs, we adapted her original name to a Gaelic spelling after the Old Irish meaning “noble”… and she is!

With lovely and correct structure, a nice working coat, she is very solidly built, agile, and athletic. Ailagh has a sweet, affectionate, nurturing, steady-as-a-rock temperament. She’s intuitive, happy, playful (adores fetch!), and fun. She is always watching everything and everyone! She has moderate energy/drive, settles well, and is a great varmint hunter, but a little rough with the cat. Ailagh is calm and easily directed around all the livestock and shows good working traits – working beautifully as a team with Fahey on the sheep or accompanying us during winter feeding – and honing her skills all the time.

Ailagh is ultra-people oriented, very social with visitors, a wonderful breed ambassador, sticks close by with her head on us or giving a nose touch, ready to go at the drop of a hat. She is a calm thinker, biddable most of the time, an enthusiastic traveling companion (if a vehicle door is open she’s in it!), the least vocal ES we’ve ever known, and an excellent homestead watchdog quieting almost immediately when given the signal.

There are good mothers… and then there are truly exceptional mothers like Ailagh- allowing her puppies to nurse until 12 weeks of age, regurgitating for them, a patient yet firm teacher of dog social skills, appropriately protective. She consistently passes on her best traits to her offspring!

We are tickled pink to have Ailagh on the Ranch crew!

Pedigree: Foley’s Duke (ESCR) x Blackrock’s Mighty Titan (ESCR)
Lines: Oney, Sallee, Butcher, Partlow, Beebe, Anderson, Shininger. (Full lineage can be seen at the ESCR web site.)