“In my view “normal” should be all about growing, creativity, and thinking outsides that old “normal” box. Thanks for being yourselves and helping redefine “normal”! Looking forward to more informative conversations and meeting someday.-  C. K.”


“We are really excited to be on the list for one of your puppies! Thank you for raising them holistically. We feel honored to get a dog from you and we are looking forward to upping our standards more and learning about raising our new dog in this fashion. Blessings, C. S.”


Quotes I love your site, I love your dedication and am very glad Eoin landed with such great and dedicated people! It’s people like you who are there to carry on the breed that make me feel more secure in stepping away from breeding. I know where to look when I do eventually need another ES and I want to be sure to get a quality ES! God Bless you. Quotes
“I send so many dog people to look at your sight, I just need them to learn and see how it can be done. Many are unaware of this. JUST support the [natural] breeders ONLY… Please , I say , this is how it can be done!!! Health is Wealth. For convenience is not conducive with a healthy dog.- D.S.”