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Teaching Old Dogs- the Adventure Box

You know what they say; an owner sometimes looks like their dog? While I don’t know about the looks part, we definitely have the temperament of our English Shepherd breed- loyal, affectionate, protective of their own, etc. They, whoever “they” are, also say you can’t teach old dog’s new tricks. ES love to learn their [...]

Sunny Hard-Cooked Eggs

As mentioned in an earlier post, we love eggs. And one of our favorite ways to enjoy them is hard cooked- for snacks, as a quick light meal, in egg salad, etc. So for us one of the main selling points of the All American Sun Oven is the ability to hard cook eggs without [...]

2017 Litter Update

Due to a death in the family and other circumstances, we will not be having a litter of English Shepherd puppies in 2017. We are sorry for any inconvenience. And sad that we will not get to play with puppies, too.   Please let us know if you wish to remain on our Waiting List [...]

Adventures in Lacto-Fermentation

Years ago I learned about the health benefits of lacto-fermentation. For a time I had raw milk kefir grains going- lovely as a breakfast smoothie. Then it was kombucha- refreshing beverage. Then I tried my hand at sauerkraut- only to end up with something pink (that shouldn’t be pink!), and was too hesitant to try [...]

We Love Eggs

We love, Love, Love fresh eggs. Scrambled, fried, soufflé-ed. Any way you fix ‘em, we’ll eat ‘em. One of our favorite ways is in a frittata, which is a kind of oven-baked omelet along with all sorts of goodies. And it’s a great way to use them when the hens are in full production and [...]

Homestead Tools – the ultimate solar appliance!

We’re starting a new blog theme called “Homestead Tools”. This is where we will periodically share with you the tools that are must-haves on our off-grid homestead. To kick it off, we introduce the All American Sun Oven, considered the ultimate solar appliance with good reason! Those who know me know that I am a [...]

See the New Little Lambs!

The new Shetland lambs arrived during April! Here are just some of them (we have a lot this year!). Aren’t they cute?!   Most of them are Black (shown on the left with his black mother Hollyhock) or Moorit (which is various shades of brown) and a couple will lighten to Musket (cream or very [...]

New Docu-series

There is a groundbreaking new docu-series from Ty Bollinger coming out April 12th. For its world premiere you can watch all 7 parts Free! Just click on this link to register today. https://go.thetruthaboutvaccines.com?ref=0a702487-a5a7-4e54-aae7-41604f058f96 Watch it for the sake of the children in your life.

What Off-Grid Means to Us

Off-grid… off-the-grid are terms heard and read frequently these days. What is a grid? What does living off-grid mean? And why do it in the first place?   Being off-grid is by no means a new concept, although it is fairly new in the consciousness of most in these days of mass media. Think about [...]

Brahma Flock Update

The new flock of Brahma chickens is doing marvelous. We really, really, really (did I say really?) like the breed!!! So far we are quite impressed.   They started laying the end of January, albeit only one hen to begin with, but it’s still earlier than the other breeds. One month later they are laying [...]