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Accepting Applications for the 2018 Summer Litter- Contact Us!


Naturally Reared English Shepherd Puppies!


Jake of Hunter’s Trail x Highland Glenn’s Niamh Rose

Born: February 20, 2018

Jake and Niamh are loving family companions in their respective homes, trusted guardians, and have beautiful, sound structure. Niamh is Krystal’s Service Dog and a valued member of our Ranch Crew. Jake competes in Agility. Their Puppies should do well in a variety of environments as companions, guardians and working/sporting partners. This is Niamh’s first litter. Jake consistently stamps his progeny with his best traits.

Puppies available from this litter:

Jake.NIAMH_ 2018 litter_ available


Highland Glenn’s Fahey x Highland Glenn’s Fawn Meadow Siobhan Pearl

Due: August 1, 2018

Fahey and Siobhan are loving companions and trustworthy guardians, with moderate energy/drive and beautiful, sound structure. Fahey is our Head Wrangler; Siobhan has solid working traits.

Their Puppies do well in a variety of environments as companions, guardians, and working/sporting partners. This is the second litter between Fahey and Siobhan. Their puppies are affectionate, happy with a great sense of humor, like people, are exceptionally bright and sensitive to their family’s needs, with good working instincts.

                Lines: Anderson, Butcher, Shininger, Oney, Sallee, Partlow, Beebe, Wilson, Merz, Vetaly, Piper, Stables, Boles.


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