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“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” ~ Ben Williams

As you know by now having read to this point, we do things a bit differently at Highland Glenn! Our English Shepherds live within the circle of our family as companions and working partners. Litters are limited each year. Our deepest desire is for each Puppy born to be a cherished companion in their new home, treasured for the unique breed characteristics they exhibit. New owners are encouraged to participate in Conformation, Herding, Search & Rescue, Obedience, Agility, and Frisbee; English Shepherds excel in all these activities.

A lot of planning, time, effort and love go into each of our Naturally Reared Litters. We care deeply about these precious Pups and their future owners, so we screen potential homes carefully.


* * If you are only want a ‘kennel dog’ for breeding, please Do Not contact us* *

How do we choose homes for the wee Lads and Lasses of Highland Glenn? In order to determine if we have that special Pup suited for your lifestyle, we need to get to know you! This leads to the Four Basic Steps of acquiring a Puppy from us:

Step 1- We ask potential new owners to fill out and return our Puppy Application Questionnaire. After review, we like to chat with folks concerning their needs in a pup, how our Puppies are raised, important subjects like nutrition, health, and training, as well as answer any questions.

Step 2- To develop a greater understanding of what Natural Rearing means before buying any puppy, we encourage you to read the recommended books, materials, web sites, or join one of the many email lists devoted to these topics. Also, visit the Further Research page on our site. Because we are convinced that this is the very best way to keep dogs healthy we are happy to coach you in this rewarding endeavor!

Step 3- Upon review of your Application, if the litter has been bred for or whelped, a Reservation Fee is due. All Pups are sold under a personalized written Puppy Contract, which includes a lifetime of assistance. Once final matches are made around 8 weeks of age, the Contract is signed and the balance received before any transport arrangements are made. Please read the Contract carefully as it outlines new owner responsibilities, as well as those of us, the breeder.

Step 4- Waiting for your Puppy! We try to make the wait as pleasant as possible being available to answer questions, weekly updates, as well as a periodic e-newsletter. And should you find yourself in this neck of the woods, we warmly welcome visitors who wish to meet our dogs!

Admittedly, we hope for Puppy homes that are either already raising their dogs naturally or people who are willing to venture into Natural Rearing methods and explore what it would mean for them. However, we do not wish to exclude loving homes!!!We realize that changing the way one has been used to raising dogs is a big step. It can be overwhelming to make many changes all at once! Sometimes it’s better to start by choosing a couple things, and then add others as you feel more confident.

Looking at things in a Good, Better, Best scenario is a helpful way to progress. Toward that goal we offer four Dog Care Standards for you to choose from. Of course, we’re here to support new owners for their Pup’s lifetime. We want to see our special Puppies live the fullest, happiest, most vital life possible.

We welcome experienced raw feeders and gladly coach those new to this path in order that our little ‘uns may continue to receive the best nutrition for proper development and a happy, healthy life with their new families. We believe the optimum way to attain this is through Natural Rearing. To that end we provide our Puppy buyers with plenty of information on canine health subjects.

If you’ve spent time reading our site, are serious about owning one of our English Shepherd Puppy’s, and ready to inquire about a future Litter or Puppy from Highland Glenn, then simply Contact Us to request a Puppy Application Questionnaire!

If you still have questions and would like to speak with us, please include your telephone number on the Contact form and we’ll gladly ring you! Continue reading however as your questions may be answered below:

SUPPORT:As your breeder and Natural Rearing coaches we are committed to providing extensive support and friendship to you throughout the lifetime of your Highland Glenn English Shepherd Puppy! We will work with you to: develop a species appropriate raw food program for your Pup, explore the consequences of creating an individual vaccination protocol that may differ from the conventional veterinary model, discover what alternative modalities (herbal, homeopathic, flower essences, essential oils) are right for you. We are here to help with your canine health, nutrition, and training questions! In addition, each Pup comes with our special “Puppy Pack” which includes everything to get started on the right foot raising your new English Shepherd Puppy!

PUPPY CONTRACT: Puppies are sold under a personalized Contract which covers health and welfare warranties for the Puppy, outlining in detail the responsibilities of both new owner and us. Everything is previewed and discussed before you make a final commitment.

HEALTH WARRANTY: We offer outstanding Health Warranties and stand behind our Pups 100%! Many basic breeder “guarantees” require one to return their dog in order to get a refund or “replacement puppy”; or nothing at all is offered. Most people can’t fathom sending away the companions they’ve loved, cared for, and trained… regardless of the health issue… and neither can we. So we offer the most comprehensive Health Warranties you’ll find.

REGISTRATION & PEDIGREE: Our dogs are dual-registered with the English Shepherd Club Registry (ESCR) and the United Kennel Club (UKC). We do this for two reasons: the ESCR is a database instrumental in recording historical breed lines, an effort we wholeheartedly support; and the UKC offers a wide range of opportunities for showing and competing with English Shepherds in various disciplines. For those interested, their new Highland Glenn Pup can easily be registered with UKC later.
Permanent registration with the ESCR is included with each Puppy. You will also receive a 5 generation pedigree. Our dog’s ancestors can be traced back many, many more generations; we’re glad to show new owners how to do that fascinating research!

TRANSPORTATION: We highly recommend new owners drive or fly here to collect their Pup. This way they have the opportunity to meet their Puppy’s parents/grandparents in person and their Pup will certainly feel less stressed traveling to its new home. We are even open to meeting you along the way if our schedule allows. However, as long as we are comfortable with all the flight details, our Puppies can be shipped. They will fly out of Spokane International Airport in Spokane, WA, which serves almost every major U.S city (even a few smaller ones). Airline shipping can be a simple and quick way to transport a Pup long distance, but it is also stressful on a Puppy. For this reason, we utilize Rescue Remedy flower essences to keep your Pup relaxed and calm.

Shipping prices vary quite a bit depending on destination and crate size. It ranges from $200 to $450. If you have Flyer miles to use, taking a puppy home as additional baggage is much less expensive. When discussing shipping with us, please tell us your nearest major airport.

We hope some of your questions have been answered! If not quite all of them have been addressed here or elsewhere on our site, Contact Us for more information. Email replies can take up to one week. If your enthusiasm can’t wait that long, feel free to telephone us! – (509) 775-0204. We are in and out tending to the Ranch, so if we don’t answer try again!