Common myths and misconceptions floating around about feeding a raw meat diet:

“Won’t my dog/cat get E.Coli or something awful?” –

A dog’s immune system is beautifully designed to handle bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni, etc. In fact, feeding only sterilized food deprives their body from developing an immune response to these and other bacteria! In addition, their intestinal tract is very short, so toxins don’t linger long before being expelled. Their stomach acid is very strong in order to digest meat and bone. All of these add up to a naturally inhospitable environment where bacteria cannot survive! Raw meat will spoil if left unrefrigerated for extended periods, so simply refrigerate leftovers and save for another meal, or discard if need be. The same common sense practices you already use when handling raw meat for humans is all that’s needed.

“What about worms?” –

Worms proliferate in a highly mucous environment. Dogs on a raw diet have very little mucous in their system. A healthy animal can have a few parasites, internal and external. A recent independent study conducted of those raw feeding showed an extremely low incidence of worms and other parasites.

“My Vet says pets die eating raw!” –

Sadly, yes, some have. It is very rare. Some die choking on dry kibble, too. Think about this: countless more pets die from disease due to being fed commercial pet food. Of the deaths attributed to raw feeding most are because the pet owner lacked education about the diet. Get educated!

“But, won’t my dog turn into a bloodthirsty killer or become aggressive?” –

Most decidedly, No! This is a completely unwarranted concern, unless you allow your dog to kill the animal itself. But somehow I doubt that would be the case! Many dog owners living in rural areas feed their dogs previously dispatched, small animals- head, fur coat ‘jackets’ and all- without ever losing so much as one such animal to doggie murder. We opt not to while living in the suburbs. Dog food aggression can result no matter what the dog is fed. This is a behavioral issue that needs training help.

“A raw meat diet is too high in protein, my dog will get fat!” –

Actually, the high water content in raw meat means this would more accurately be considered a high water diet! Surprisingly, a raw meat diet contains between 15% – 20% protein, far less than the average kibble. Too much of even a good thing can put on excess weight. And many dogs do not lead a very active life. The best way to maintain a healthy weight on any dog is through a raw meat diet and monitoring.