Greer, Liam, and Eoin….

Glimmercroft Greer


DOB: April 20, 2009
Registries: UKC; ESCR
OFA prelim: GOOD
MDR1: normal/normal

Description: Greer is a lovely Tri-color (minimal white) female, 20 inches tall at the shoulder and 45 pounds. Scottish Gaelic, the name Greer is the feminine form of Gregor and means ‘watchful, vigilant’. Greer has sound structure although a bit tipped in the pelvis; she is fit, agile, and fast. She has a silky coat (with thick undercoat in winter). ~~~ Very much an “English Shadow”, she follows us everywhere, giving a gentle touch to let us know she is right beside even on long hikes. Greer is a biddable ‘thinker’, not too bossy; sweet, very desirous of affection and human companionship to the point of being a lap dog; submissive and sensitive, but no shrinking violet. She is very playful (a fool for fetch!), with moderate energy and drive; settles when all is quiet. ~~~ Greer has good working traits and is readily directed. She has confidence and power with stubborn cattle; heads and heels. We trust her to watch out for us while tending the fold. Calm around the rabbits and hens, never mouthy with the kitty. Greer is an awesome vermin hunter!!! ~~~ Greer is sociable and trustworthy in public yet wary of strangers at home and can be very protective; she does not like strange dogs on her turf, but is fine with them in public. She is a delight in our life!

Pedigree: Glimmercroft Tanner (UKC) x Z-Best Haylie (UKC)
Lines: Beebe, Butcher, Anderson, Wilson, Merz, Shininger, Semy.


“Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.” ~Jean de Boufflers

Highland Glenn’s du Prairie Liam

sweet Liam. web

APRIL 22, 2011 – JULY 18, 2013

Registries: ESCR, UKC
MDR1: normal/normal

Description: Liam was a beautifully marked Black & White male, Irish white pattern with “ghost tan points”, approximately 23 inches at the shoulder, 55 pounds. Liam came to us from Teri Knox at du Prairie English Shepherds in Ohio. ~~~ The name Liam is Irish Gaelic meaning “determined guardian, strong protector”, the English form being William. It seems Liam took this to heart as he is an incredible guardian of home. He certainly is the guardian of our hearts! ~~~ Liam had beautifully balanced structure with powerful movement, fit, and athletic. ~~~ Liam was an “old soul” even as a puppy; he is wise, curious and playful, enjoys a good game of keep-away. Many dogs are referred to as ‘affectionate’, but Liam is truly loving, intuitive and sensitive to our needs, readily offering comfort. He adores children; is confident without being cocky, cautious without being timid, eager to please. Moderate in energy and drive; settles readily when we’re relaxing. ~~~ Liam was the full-time Ranch guardian even in the cold of winter, interested and watchful of everything going on, yet agreeable to accept back-up from the other dogs. He had quite the booming bark and loved a good game of keep-away! Liam had great instincts and presence with the cattle and sheep. This boy really liked helping with livestock of varying sizes and species. We are so thankful for this wonderful Lad!

Pedigree: Bald Peak Boice’s Treve (ESC) x Knox’s Jane du Prairie (UKC)

“As the morning sun kissed the treetops greeting a new day, our Sweet Liam went to sleep for the last time. It was July 18, 2013, he was two years old.

There is an enormous hole in our life and hearts.

Souls come into your life touching it so deeply in such a short period of time that you are never the same again. Liam was just such a Soul.He was an “old Soul”, wise beyond his years. He could look right into your heart with those amber eyes! Those same eyes could see your pain, and without so much as a glance his way hinting to the need for it, he would come in his quiet manner and gently give comfort.

There is a flower called Sweet William. The name Liam is the Irish form of William. Our nickname for him was Sweet Liam. It fit. His name also means “guardian”. From the beginning we said he was the guardian of our hearts. He knew he came to heal our broken hearts and he did, on a daily basis, bringing joy with his beautiful happy face. Now our hearts are broken over the loss of him.

He was the most loving dog we’ve ever known. Sure, he wanted attention, but he also gave it readily. “Loves” we called it, leaning in and burying his head in our chest (or armpit), or resting his chin on our shoulder, cheek to cheek. He loved being kissed on the head!

Liam appointed himself the Ranch guardian. He had the most amazing resonating, booming bark! We could literally hear him 1 mile away at a friend’s house! He warned off coyote many times, cougar, and also black bears. When Liam was on duty they dared not come close! We feel a little less protected and cared for without his presence. We listen for that reassuring voice to no avail.

Every time we realize we’ll never see him again it feels like a sickening punch in the gut. At the same time, we have his son Fahey who resembles him in many ways. In fact, all of Liam’s puppies have a strong resemblance to him. It is bitter sweet to catch glimpses of him through them. Oh, are we ever thankful he gave them to us! Fahey learned by his side to be a good guardian, and he has been from the tender age of 10 weeks. We know he will carry on in his sire’s footsteps with pride.

The death of two truly amazing English Shepherd males in as many years is a lot to endure. Humbled with gratitude for sharing life with them for a spell, in their honor and memory we forge ahead to give back to this incredible breed in the way of healthy, happy pups.

Sweet Liam, we miss you boy. You will always be in our hearts and a part of our life.”


Earth Angel’s Eóin

Eoin. web

OCTOBER 6, 2006 – MAY 31, 2011

Registries: ESCR; UKC
MDR1: normal/normal

Description: Eoin is a black and white male, in the Irish white pattern. He is 22 inches at the shoulder and weighs 56 pounds; sleek, agile, and athletic. His name is Scottish Gaelic for John, which means ‘blessing from Jehovah’, and is pronounced OH-in. He has a soft, easy-care coat that quite effectively resists burrs and mats, shedding water/dirt/mud very well. Eoin came to us from Ruth Hippler in Louisiana, USA. ~~~ Eoin was confident from the day he was born! Courageous, determined, playful and affectionate; desirous of our company without demanding attention. He has great intelligence, is strong-willed yet biddable, possessing a wonderful balance of herding, hunting and guarding. Moderate in energy, settles readily, ready for chores at the drop of a hat. ~~~ Eoin has been a terrific help with the chickens, calmly herding them into the henhouse without causing chicken panic, or catch/hold/release of an escapee. He is gentle with the rabbits, especially protective of the babies. We have recently moved on to larger livestock, namely sheep! He has a keen interest and desire to work them, and listens to direction very well. ~~~ Eoin is highly sociable with everyone he meets, a real Prince Charming, all the while a fantastic watch dog, sticking close around strangers until he feels they can be trusted. We have absolute trust in his judgment and protection! Eoin takes his job as homestead guardian very seriously, watching the skies from possible threats even on wing. And did I mention he is an awesome verminator? Eoin has matured into our right-hand man!

Pedigree: Hippler’s Flying Rumor (ESCR, UKC, AWFA) x Earth Angel’s Baby Bear (ESCR)
Lines: Emanuel, Anderson, Merz, Wells, Beebe, Shininger, Oney.

“The rain falls heavily today. As do my tears. The Heavens are crying, too. Greer sleeps deeply nearby. Yet at the sound of my weeping she is at my side, offering sweet comfort. Just like Eoin used to.

Several months ago I hugged Eoin tightly, sobbing, bereft at the mere thought of life without him while a friend grieved the loss of her own heart dog. Now, here we are, dealing with the emotional aftermath of losing our Boy. The devastating reality is much worse than I even imagined. The pain in our hearts almost every minute of the day is crushing. I miss him so much sometimes it hurts to breathe. At other times waves of grief rise and take my breath away.

And then there are all the “I wishes” – I wish I had done this, I wish I hadn’t done that, I wish I had taken more pictures of him in those last weeks, I wish we had one of his pups, etc., etc., etc. But no amount of wishing will bring him back to our arms. I wish I could stop crying. Yet all I seem to want to do is cry.”

“We are beginning to experience brief reprieves from the acute pain of Eoin’s loss. We carry on, forge ahead. Greer and Chanel need us. We need each other.

Eoin wanted us here living this new ranch life. He wouldn’t want us to quit. He knew we needed to be here just as much as he did. He’s a big part of the reason we’re here starting this ranch. And now he isn’t here. As if the adjustments and changes weren’t numerous and challenging enough, we all now have to learn life without Eoin. It still seems like some terrible nightmare I’ll wake from. But every day, each morning I rise, I know all too well it’s our new reality.

Our eyes search for his beautiful black and white form bounding around playfully, watching over his domain, or walking boundaries in his characteristic stately manner; wanting so to look deeply into those amazing amber eyes. Our ears listen for the many vocalizations of his familiar voice. Our fingers long for his silky coat, soft fuzzy head and ears. Arms long to gather him close and breathe in his clean, woodsy scent. All senses yearn for him.”

“Our beloved, freckle-faced boy Eoin died one year ago today. 365 days. 52 weeks.12 months. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already. Not a day has gone by without at least a single thought of him. Many tears have been wept. It just isn’t possible to “get over” the loss of a dog like Eoin.

True to the meaning of his Gaelic name, Eoin was indeed a “blessing from Jehovah”! Eoin was our first English Shepherd. That alone guarantees an irreplaceable spot in our hearts. He was also one of those Sheppies we feel deserves a page in the “Great English Shepherds” storybook, if such existed. Could be we’re hugely partial. Whatever the case, we cherish every unforgettable moment of his all-too-brief 4-1/2 years of life with us. Eoin really was a remarkable soul who indelibly touched the hearts of many, and changed the minds of a few others. Without doubt, he forever changed our life for the better which will be felt and continued even in his absence.

Eoin had a personality as big as all outdoors, with a heart to match – hardworking, affectionate, loving, playful, loyal, watchful, highly intuitive, sensitive. Our all-around right hand dog, we knew he would and could do whatever we asked or needed. With enthusiasm to spare! We trusted him to always watch out for us. Trusted him with our very lives. Eoin was truly magnificent.

Eoin was an excellent teacher to Greer. We knew in our hearts he would accept her fully from day one. He didn’t disappoint. Ever patient, he tolerated treatment from her we didn’t think he should! And how nice it was to have a canine translator! One day Greer’s “puppy license” did expire, but he remained a calm, confident leader who always garnered respect from her, even when she resisted at first. In his absence, it’s clearly evident just how much he taught her, and how much she learned. It is now Greer’s turn to carry the baton in teaching little Liam. Amazing how far-reaching the effects of one dog are. We are truly grateful for and to him.

We love this quote by Joyce Avery: “A great dog is not defined by an absence of faults. A great dog is defined by the presence and strength of his virtues.” Eoin was a great dog. It is our hope that by reading about Eoin’s strengths and virtues, many more will see what a great dog is, and how great a dog can be. Especially an English Shepherd.”