“This is a chicken farm. We’re the chickens.” – Babs

Here’s a bit of chicken trivia for you:

  • Hens lay an egg about every 25 hours
  • 2 to 4 hens will provide plenty of eggs & amusement for a small family
  • Chickens are great pest control for the garden
  • Hens don’t need a rooster to lay eggs
  • The ‘chicken coop’ is the entire hen habitat, including a run & henhouse
  • Many cities permit keeping a few hens on residential property
  • The color of a hen’s ear lobe corresponds with the color of her eggs shell
  • Chickens are called ‘pullets’ when they are fully feathered. When one year old they are called ‘hens’
  • Composted chicken manure becomes rich garden soil
  • Chickens start laying at about 6 months
  • Hens sleep & lay eggs in the henhouse
  • Pine shavings are the best kind of litter for use in the coop- they are absorbent & sweet-smelling
  • A chicken can lay up to 600 eggs in her first 2 years
  • Chickens live about 8 years, though some have lived twice that long
  • Hens worldwide lay close to 700 billion eggs each year
  • Feeding your chickens greens, fruit & veg, along with chicken feed, will make their eggs rich & luscious. Just be careful with the garlic!