‘PR’ Highland Glenn’s Fahey

2012 – 2023


DOB: March 19, 2012
Registries: ESCR; UKC Purple Ribbon
Health Screens: MDR1: normal/normal; CEA: n/n; DM: n/n; pra-PRCD: n/n

We were blessed with a magnificent Stud and a truly great dog… Fahey was remarkable in every sense! He amazed us with each and every litter.

Fahey is a stunning Black & White, Irish White pattern (no collar), with an adorable freckle face and kind eyes. His Irish name (pronounced FAY-hee) means “from the green field”, which is quite fitting for a Pup born in one of the wettest springs in memory. He is 1st Generation NR and our unique Naturally Reared English Shepherd line.

Fahey is approximately 22 inches tall and 65 pounds, has gorgeous structure (the best of both parents) and is solidly built with high muscle mass, extremely athletic and agile, with moderate energy/drive. This boy is lightning fast! He has a nice “working coat” – the Teflon quality ES are known for which sheds water and snow, mud/dirt falls away, burrs/seeds come out readily, easy-care with the occasional brushing, no matting, not so dense that he gets too hot in summer, developing a thick undercoat for warmth in the dead cold of winter.

Fahey is a calm thinker, is very rules-oriented and enforces them, an avid varmint hunter, settles readily, is playful (he adores a game of fetch!), funny, silly, gentle, and very affectionate. Ever watchful and alert, Fahey warns off coyotes and bobcat and courageously deters wolves, cougars, and black bears. He is very cautious with visitors.

A wise “old soul” like his sire Liam, Fahey sought eye contact from the day his eyes opened. He has a wonderful balance of confidence, courage, and caution. He was a very oral pup and developed unbelievable mouth control able to take something tiny from your fingertips with amazing gentleness! He is the most vocal ES we’ve ever known, bringing us to laughter often with his ‘talk’! Biddable and eager to do right, Fahey has a lot going on behind that expressive face and those thoughtful eyes.

Fahey is our Head Wrangler having wonderful working traits and lovely style. He was so keen to learn and help we started him at 6 months old. By age 1 he found his balance and the pressure points of each livestock species, moderating his power accordingly, often using only presence and eye. He is gentle with the small animals (likes to keep the chickens close to home), quietly yet firmly follows through with uncooperative sheep, and tough with stubborn cattle. We trust him with our lives and to have our back while tending to the Fold. He is a discerning, independent thinker who usually makes good choices with little direction, but also listens well most of the time. He goes to both head and heel, has a nice gather, drive, and his outrun is increasing all the time even fetching the flock alone from ¼ mile away when asked.

Fahey is an incredibly special Lad!

Pedigree: Highland Glenn’s du Prairie Liam (UKC, ESCR) x Glimmercroft Greer, a.k.a. Riley (UKC, ESCR)
Lines: Butcher, Beebe, Mohn, Anderson, Wilson, Shininger, Merz, Vetaly, Emanuel. (Full lineage can be seen at the ESCR website.)