‘PR’ Highland Glenn’s Niamh Rose

DOB: October 21, 2013
Registries: ESCR; UKC Purple Ribbon
Health Screens: MDR1: normal/normal; CEA: n/n; DM: n/n; pra-PRCD: n/n

Niamh is a gorgeous Black & White, Irish White pattern whose elegance and temperament can only be described as truly lovely! Her Irish Gaelic name (pronounced Neev) means “brightness, radiance”… which suits her perfectly. She is 2nd Generation NR and of our unique Naturally Reared English Shepherd line.

Niamh is 21 inches at the shoulder and 54 pounds, she has a nice working coat, beautiful structure, is solidly built, very agile, athletic (she jumps like a cat), and fast, with moderate energy/drive.

We planned to keep a female from our 2013 litter. Deciding which one was quite a challenge! Tom left the choice up to me (Krystal). In the end, I’m the one who was chosen… by Niamh herself.

She and I have a very, very close bond more so than any other dog in my life. Of course, she loves Tom, too! Sometimes Tom just watches in marvel at our relationship. I am humbled by it. Niamh is trained to assist me as my health/physical abilities change. She is exceptionally bright and a quick learner, so willing and eager to help me! She is always happy, silly, fun, playful, likes a good game of fetch with her favorite flying disc, intuitive and gentle, she’s a watcher. She has a brilliant mind which makes her a master multi-tasker.

She seems to have inherited many traits from various grandparents! – a ‘bird dog’ and elegantly lying with front legs crossed like Grandma Titan; a bit barky at times like Grandma Greer along with the ability to jump high and gently land like a cat; a strong resemblance in looks to Grandpa Liam as well as being incredibly loving far beyond simply affectionate, loves to be hugged close and kissed on top of her head, pulls while on lead most of the time, and adoring of her offspring.

I loved Niamh’s calm thinking ability and courage even as a little one! Like at 12 weeks old when she first heard a chainsaw in action. Oh boy, she did not like that! I was near it and could tell she wanted to come over by me… I called her, she thought about it, looked around at the options, and then took the route farthest from the saw to reach me. And the day she first encountered large automatic sliding glass doors at a ranch supply store… cautious yet walked through with a little encouragement. Or the time I allowed a testy sales lady to “see if she would come close” to sniff her hands even though she was on-duty (I secretly wanted to see what she would do)… I agree and stood silently, she correctly chose on her own to lie down flat as a pancake touching my foot; that earned a glowing “good girl” and even the sales lady commended her. And on her first ‘official’ outing as my Service Dog… entering the local micro-brewery full of people and loud music… nervous yet willingly followed direction. Niamh has a wonderful balance of caution and confidence.

Niamh is an excellent watchdog, always on alert, we rely on her to let us know when predators are close. Nothing gets past Niamh! She even knows the time of day the deer come through, watching for them! And she loves to go places with us… if the vehicle door is open she jumps in. She is kind with new people, accepts attention at times, but rarely seeks it, another of the traits that contribute to her developing into a great Service Dog. On-duty she is quiet (at home she’s quite vocal like her sire!) and always makes good decisions.

Her working instincts on the cattle and sheep are on spot – discerning about using more power with the cattle than the sheep and doesn’t back down or give up, etc. – and her skills are coming along. She is still a bit intense with the chickens, yet the bird dog in her flushes wild birds and chases after hawks and ravens barking, so poultry are safe with Niamh around!

Niamh is a phenomenal mother: incredibly attentive to her babies, and firm teacher of rules and manners!

We utterly adore our Niamh girl!

Pedigree: Highland Glenn’s Fahey (ESCR, UKC) x Highland Glenn’s Blackrock Ailagh (UKC, ESCR)
Lines: Oney, Sallee, Partlow, Dersam, Beebe, Butcher, Shininger, Vetaly, Mohn, Anderson, Merz, Wilson. (Full lineage can be seen on the ESCR database.)