Highland Glenn’s Fawn Meadow Siobhan Pearl

DOB: March 17, 2015
Registries: ESCR; UKC
Health Screens: MDR1: normal/normal; CEA: n/CEA (carrier); DM: n/n; pra-PRCD: n/n

Siobhan is a beautiful shaded Sable & White with a gorgeous reddish hue, Irish White pattern. Her Irish Gaelic name (pronounced shuh-VAHN) means “gracious”. She is a rare 3rd Generation Naturally Reared English Shepherd and is very special to us in another way… she is our great-grand puppy!!! Siobhan comes from Fawn Meadow English Shepherds in Idaho.

Siobhan is about 20 inches at the shoulder and 50 pounds. She has absolutely lovely structure with nice substance, is agile, athletic and very fast; her coat is denser than our other dogs’, but is still easy care. She is very sweet and affectionate, likes to cuddle, and settles readily. She likes to stay close to home, is playful (a fool for fetch!), and quite the social butterfly thinking everyone should be and wants to be her friend, which also means she loves going places with us, calmly sitting on the seat just taking it all in. She fits into her pack of ES relatives really well.

She is quick and eager to learn, is bossy but gentle with the poultry, quietly confident around the livestock, gritty enough for cattle, taking direction well. At the tender age of 12 weeks old, she unexpectedly drove a calf back into the paddock all on her own.

Siobhan is also an exceptional mother like her grandma Ailagh! A great teacher and takes care of her pups wonderfully.

We are exceedingly pleased to have this beauty in our family pack!

Pedigree: Teague of Fawn Meadow (ESCR, UKC) x Highland Glenn Clodagh [a.k.a. Carrigan] (ESCR, UKC)
Lines: Oney, Sallee, Partlow, Dersam, Beebe, Butcher, Piper, Stables, Boles, Shininger, Vetaly, Mohn, Anderson, Merz, Wilson. (Full lineage can be seen on the ESCR database.)