Little Houses

Love grows best in Little Houses with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can’t help but communicate. And if we had more room between us think of all we’d miss! Love grows best in Little Houses just like this.    

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Guest Cabin/Bunkhouse

I have been remiss in posting the rest of the Guest Cabin/Bunkhouse pics. And boy have I gotten an earful about it! Although the inside is not completely finished yet, it’s still perfectly useable and comfortable.  front back front door and bead board paneling on lower walls large [...]

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Progress often comes more slowly than we’d like, but like the rings of a tree reveal, slow growth is sometimes better than fast. When the growth rings are spaced far apart it means growth took place quite fast. This could mean a weak tree; lumber milled from such timber might mean it is not as [...]

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