Progress often comes more slowly than we’d like, but like the rings of a tree reveal, slow growth is sometimes better than fast. When the growth rings are spaced far apart it means growth took place quite fast. This could mean a weak tree; lumber milled from such timber might mean it is not as strong or straight, or you may not get as many boards out of each tree. When the rings are spaced close it means growth was slower resulting in a stronger, straighter tree; its timber would mill out as in strong, straight boards as well, and more of them.

Last year we plotted out and started the kitchen garden, brought in a sawyer to mill lumber from trees in our glenn, finished the bridge, built a guest cabin with the help of friends and family, moved fully onto our ranch, and successfully raised our first lamb crop as well as two litters of puppies, and saw everyone through the winter safe and healthy. Even though the garden isn’t complete and the cabin isn’t finished inside, they are close!

Although everything we wanted to do didn’t happen, it was still quite a lot. The important thing is that what was accomplished is solid, strong, healthy forward momentum… growth.