2012 – 2023


March 28, 2023

by Tom & Krystal


On Saturday, March 25th our sweet Ailagh closed her eyes for the last time. This year has kicked us in the teeth again.

It seems like only yesterday we met Ailagh for the first time, as a six-month-old youngster. Fahey was the same age on that visit with us. We can recall saying she was as cute as a button! Little did we know that day Ailagh would join our English Shepherd ranch crew six months later. What a joyful day, especially for Fahey boy! The two dogs formed one of those fabled canine bonds. We called it love. It was the separation from him we believe led to her rapid decline beginning just four short weeks after his death. The two rest side-by-side now, never to be apart again.

Ailagh girl was a superb mother to her four litters of puppies- a devoted, watchful, gentle teacher. She adored her grand puppies as well, even helping to feed them! She passed on her best traits to them. Many families around North America feel blessed to have an Ailagh pup in their life, including us since our Niamh is her daughter.

How we will miss her deep resonating bark, sensing her reassuring protective presence, her calm sound judgment, feeling her loving careā€¦ her sweetness.

We feel incredibly blessed to have known Ailagh. Thank you, our beautiful girl. We will miss you every day.