Heritage Pork Share Reservations are Now Open!

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Discover the exquisite Mangalitsa Heritage Pork difference!

We’re excited to bring you the highest quality Heritage Pork, directly from our ranch to your door!


Sustainably raised pork you can trust:

No GMOs or chemicals.

No antibiotics or hormones.


Shipping is available right to your door.


Our Heritage Pork Shares are a great way to have nutrient-dense pork conveniently on hand for any occasion!

Meal prepping for the week ahead? Firing up the grill for the weekend? Scrambling to put together a last-second meal? Our Heritage Pork Shares have you covered!

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The Mangalitsa Difference 

Our Practices


Our Mission

To produce the highest quality Heritage Meats with exceptional flavor for crafting your culinary experiences, with health benefits for our family and customers, in a way that improves our land. Because we believe every bite should be a special pleasure for the palate!

At Highland Glenn Ranch, we know that feeding your family healthy foods is forefront in your mind. Our Heritage Pork Shares are a great way to have high-quality pork conveniently on hand!

It’s only possible to get pork of this quality directly from producers like us who raise pigs outdoors on a healthy diet of natural foods and sunshine. Free of unnecessaries and full of goodness!

Continued conservation of Mangalitsa pigs is “insurance” against the possibility of a genetic decline in modern breeds.  We’re helping save them from extinction even in our own small way.

Our goal is to provide health-conscious, hardworking people like you with the best pasture-raised Heritage Pork so that you can fuel your body right. Whether you are a busy parent or an athlete, nourishing yourself with high-quality, nutrient-dense meat is vital to feeling and performing your best.