Sadly, we need to sell our beautiful herd.


Available individually, or a fantastic opportunity as a small established, proven herd for anyone interested in helping preserve this rarest of heritage cattle breeds!


Please telephone for quick reply since don’t have internet at home. If we do not answer we will see your number on our caller ID and get back to you shortly- Tom or Krystal Beers: (509) 775-0204.


More photos available upon request.


Cartwright of Highland Glenn

Registered 4 year old proven bull. Cartwright has a terrific, easy going temperament, easy to handle, knows his business, and produces beautiful calves. People are always commenting what a gorgeous animal he is!- $2,000.00.


Flint Hill Farm’s Colette

Registered 6 year old proven milk cow. Colette has a sweet temperament, is a wonderful mother and great milker. On calf-share and once-a-day milking she produces 1 gallon per day with about a 2 inch cream line all on grass alone. Her teats are a great size for hand milking; orifices produce a nice steady stream. She is not lead trained; I just go to her in the pasture and milk. Her calves grow well. Likely bred back by Cartwright. – $3,000.00.


Abigail of Highland Glenn

Registered 4 year old proven cow. Abigail has a great temperament, is a terrific mother. Her calves grow well. She is not trained as a milker but will be easy to train up. Her teats are a nice size for hand milking. She has a really nice bull calf born February 2016 that will go with her. Likely bred back to Cartwright. – $3,000.00.


Neglected for over one hundred years and kept alive by a few devoted fanciers, the American Milking Devon is a true triple-purpose breed. Enjoying renewed interest for its vigor, gourmet beef qualities, milking ability, functionality, and value as a piece of living history. The American Milking Devon is a rare breed with contemporary function and beauty!


American Milking Devon Traits

  • Easy keeping, rugged vitality
  • Easy fattening, tender, well-marbled meat
  • High quality milk perfect for butter and cheese making
  • Longevity
  • Excellent fertility and maternal performance
  • Intelligence and mild temperament
  • Agility and endurance
  • Diverse forage palatability
  • Tolerance of both heat and cold
  • A favorite breed for use as oxen/working teams


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