She’s done it again! We are pleased to introduce Krystal’s newly published book. Only this one is a bit different- it’s the first in a series of what she likes to call “cookery” books- entitled “Classic Rabbit Recipes- A Highland Glenn Ranch Cookery Book”.

Raising domestic rabbits for more than nine years has given ample opportunity to experiment in the kitchen with this versatile, low fat meat. More than 20 mouthwatering recipes dedicated solely to rabbit meat grace the pages of this little gem. It surely deserves to be in every homestead chef’s cook book collection!

It is available for purchase in eBook format at Krystal’s Bookstore-

The 1st person to post a comment about it here will receive a FREE digital copy!

This book helps support our Ranch. So, thank you for your support!


All the Best,

Tom & Krystal