We are back in green this year with the kitchen garden! We can hardly wait to reap the benefits on the dinner plate.

For the past few years, we have not had a vegetable garden- the raised beds weren’t finished, not enough water, other projects became a priority, etc. Over the winter, Krystal was introduced to a brilliant method that ticked all of our boxes for gardening needs. It’s the use of wicking tubs or containers.

We won’t explain here what they are and how to set them up, so simply refer to the YouTube channel of a charming southern gentleman for the details- “Gardening with Leon.”

Gathering enough tubs is a bit of a challenge though. We’re using empty cattle mineral tubs that a few local ranchers have given us, but we will need to purchase other container styles in order to have enough. That’s okay, we have time yet before transplanting after the last frost date.










To start seeds, we used two of our cold frames.


What’s Growing

Here is the list of what our kitchen garden is growing this year. All of the seeds we use are either open-pollinated or heirloom.

SNAP PEA- Sugar Sprint

RADISH- French Breakfast

BEET- Avalanche

CARROT- Dragon, Scarlet Nantes



SPINACH- America

SWISS CHARD- Five Color Silverbeet



LETTUCE- Buttercrunch, Gourmet Blend, Tom Thumb, Winter Density

KALE- Improved Dwarf Siberian

FENNEL- Finale

LEEK- Blue Solaise

ONION- Yellow of Parma

SCALLION- Guardsman

PEPPER- King of the North (sweet), Italian Pepperoncini

TOMATO- Early Cherry

CUCUMBER- Double Yield

SUMMER SQUASH- Lemon, Benning’s Green Tint, Dark Green Zucchini

WINTER SQUASH- Fordhook Acorn

CABBAGE- Early Jersey Wakefield


BUSH BEAN- Dragon’s Tongue, Nickel (filet)

MELON- Minnesota Midget

WATERMELON- Blacktail Mountain

GARLIC- to be determined; planted come fall

HERBS, culinary and medicinal: BasilDolce Fresca; CilantroCaribe; MintLemon, Peppermint; OreganoGreek; ThymeEnglish; TarragonFrench; DillFernleaf; ChamomileGerman; MonardaJacob Cline; Lemon Balm; Calendula.

There are a few flowers scattered in for pure pleasure, too!