We use the manure from our rabbitry to fertilize the nearby kitchen garden. Rabbit droppings are a gardener’s dream, nature’s practically perfect fertilizer, highly sought by horticulturists! It is high in nitrogen and phosphorous, non-burning, slow release, free of weed seeds and virtually odorless when spread in the garden and pasture.


Rabbit manure is suitable for use around shrubs, trees and flowering plants alike. Plus, it’s naturally pelleted form is easy to use! As the pellets breakdown, they work to build and stabilize the soil for erosion control and better drainage at the same time holding moisture and nutrients for plants and beneficial soil organisms. It is best if immediately worked into the soil or a light layer of mulch applied, to prevent ‘evaporation’ of the nitrogen and leaching of other valuable nutrients that occurs if exposed to the elements.


All animal manures need to be composted before use, except rabbit! Here is a comparison of their main properties:

Nitrogen (N) – % Phosphorous (P)% – Potassium (K)%
Rabbit 4.8 – 2.8 – 1.2
Dairy Cow 3.3 – .35 – 2.0
Horse 2.5 – .25 – 1.2
Sheep 3.5 – .55 – 1.0
Beef Steer 2.0 – .65 – 1.6
Chicken 3.6 – 1.3 – 1.3


Rabbits are a versatile, valuable animal especially for the small homestead. Since a rabbit can produce 10 times its weight in meat per year and each adult generates up to 50 pounds of manure per year, a trio of rabbits provides a family with enjoyable pets, a source of high quality meat, and the world’s best fertilizer for the garden, all at a reasonable price and requiring little space and time for up-keep. What an amazing livestock animal!