Just when the clearer air made us begin to relax a little, while still keeping alert to fires, Wednesday Sept. 3rd on the way home from a rather fortuitous visit to a neighbor, we spotted a tell-tale plume of smoke on the hill ¼ mile north of our property.

We rushed home and called it in, and then anxiously watched as numerous ground crews swarmed in like so many bees to a hive, busily attacking the blaze. From as far away as Oregon and Wyoming, as near as the local guys on the volunteer department, DNR and Forest Service crews they came. Some 29 vehicles in all: water tankers, water trucks, crew trucks, support trucks, and a bulldozer. It was a glorious sight! These were assisted from the air by two helicopters with water buckets. They may not have known as they flew over our humble home, but they had an extremely grateful lady cheering them on from below, thankful for every load dropped.

In 2 hours they had the 3-acre fire quenched and in the mop-up phase. Later that night, our hearts swelled once again with gratitude as we watched the lights from the parade of remaining trucks drive down the hill.

Fire crews, “Thank You” is simply not enough, yet any words fail to convey our deep gratitude for everything you’ve done in our beautiful, special County to keep us safe! You really do kick ash!

web 100_5835 - smoke plume web 100_5851 - heli drop web 100_5865 - heli fly over