The melodic songs of the mountain bluebird and larks have returned as the voice of spring in our highland mountain home. And last week, we spotted the first Swallowtail, Spring Azure, and Mourning Cloak butterflies.

There are lots of baby animals on the Ranch: Alpine goat kids, Shetland lambs, Delaware and Australorp chicks; with Satin rabbits due as well as a litter of naturally reared Havanese puppies! It’s so humbling to watch the miracle of birth and listen in while mother and offspring communicate in their own gentle language.

Natural Rearing principles are applied to all of our animals – biologically appropriate diet for each species, sunshine and fresh air, clean water, and no chemicals or medications whatsoever.

We also choose not to interfere with life processes unless absolutely necessary. In this regard, one of the naturopathic Eight Laws of Health comes to mind: TEMPERANCE.

Humans in their well-meaning way tend to involve themselves a bit too much, especially when it comes to birthing. We prefer to temper our actions, standing by attentively as an animal’s natural instincts kick into gear.

Like, allowing a mother dog to care for the umbilical cord. And it is important that a puppy find its own way to its first meal, too. We also let all the species of mothers on the ranch consume the placenta if they choose. The hormones in this organ help with maternal bonding and milk production.

Temperance is something we could all use a little more of, even in our human relationships.

Wishing you sunshine and birdsong this beautiful spring!



Photo: By Krystal L. Beers, copyright 2011. All rights reserved.