May 15th couldn’t come soon enough. That was the day chosen for the arrival of our little Havanese family addition. Welcome home to the ranch, Shiloh!

As Natural Rearing Breeders of English Shepherds and Krystal being a Certified Small Animal Naturopath, finding a Naturally Reared Havanese puppy was vitally important. We found Patty Jicha of So Cute Havanese in Wisconsin. Thank you, Patty, for this beautiful little boy and for raising him naturally!

Krystal love’s to name animals. Loves. Each animal species we raise on our ranch has a different name theme- flowers/trees for the Shetland sheep, gems for the Alpine goats, Gaelic for the English Shepherds, etc. So it is no surprise that we would come up with a unique one for the Havanese. We decided on a Biblical theme. The name Shiloh means “He to whom it belongs” or “Peace” and is also a place.

We are so looking forward to sharing the adventure called life with Shiloh.