We are tickled pink to announce Niamh’s much-anticipated first litter!!! The sire is Jake of Hunter’s Trail- a gorgeous Black & White, accomplished competitive agility dog in Virginia.

Jake and Niamh’s puppies are due February 20, 2018. They will be ready for their new homes in May. As per classic English Shepherd versatility, they should do well in a variety of home situations- as companions, guardians, homestead helpers, as well as working and sporting partners.

This litter marks several ‘firsts’ for us: Niamh’s first litter, the first time we have utilized artificial insemination (AI), our first Black & White litter, the first time we’ve used an outside stud, and the first 3rd Generation Naturally Reared litter we have personally produced. Quite exciting!

Being an AI breeding, and the fact that FedEx lost the semen package for a whole day (!!!), it is possible this litter will be small in number. We won’t know until the wee ones arrive.

Jake of Hunter’s Trail


Highland Glenn’s Niamh Rose



The next litter will be bred for in summer. It will be with our Black & Tan female, Ailagh. The sire is as of yet undetermined. Check back here for updates!