There is another voice on the ranch adding to the usual cacophony… Ducks!

An adult flock of rare Ancona ducks is the generous contribution of a sweet Lady who has to move off of her farm. Thank You Sherri!!! Ducks are a completely new species to us, so it’s quite interesting and entertaining to watch and learn the behavior of these beautiful birds. They just make you smile!

The Ancona originated in England in the early 1900’s, coming to the U.S in the mid-1980’s. They come in black/white, chocolate/white, lavender/white, blue/white, silver/white, and tri. They are a dual-purpose breed producing meat and eggs. The two youngest ducks have been laying!

Ancona is listed in “critical” status on The Livestock Conservancy’s breed priority list, so are in need of more folks interested in preserving them. If we decide ducks are for us (we already have a feeling the answer is Yes!), we’ll add a pond, get some ducklings in more colors, and begin a conservation breeding program.

In the meantime, we are enjoying our charming new feathered, water-loving residents!

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