Dirt under the fingernails. Scratches and bruises. Cattle getting out and having to be rounded up. Tall conifer-covered mountains. Bumpy dirt roads. Muddy diesel truck. The scent of the wood burning stove in the air… and in my hair. Soft fur. Hawks soaring in the big blue expanse. Calves playing in the paddock. Dogs romping. Pine-scented breeze. Deer browsing on the hillside. Wooly sheep. Feathers on the ground. Collecting eggs. Feeding chores. Black velvet night sky covered in dazzling stars.

The hawks shrill cry. Birds singing. Rooster’s crow, hens cackling. Cows mooing. Sheep baaing. Ducks quacking. Dogs barking. The cat’s meow.

These are the sights and sounds of our ranch life.

It’s good to be back.