We said goodbye to Cedar this week, our main Apline milk goat and herd queen. Those are hard days on the Ranch. Cedar was an absolute sweetheart, a great mother, and such a lady on the milking stand. She was at least twelve years old; we had her for seven.
The relationship you have with a dairy animal is very special. It’s built on a unique trust in that the animal sort of adopts you, allowing you to harvest the milk that she knows is specifically for her offspring. You make so many memories: sitting close to her warm body on a cold morning, the earthiness of her scent, watching as her breath and yours rise in the air, the feeling of closeness while you brush her and she leans into you. Yes indeed, very special.
We will miss you, Cedar. Thank you for all of the delicious milk over the years! Now we will train up her daughter Jewel.