Our Mangalitsa Heritage Pork Shares are now open!

We know feeding your family healthy foods is forefront in your mind. By selling a limited number of Heritage Pork Shares each year, we desire to offer our community local alternatives for high-quality pork. A Heritage Pork Share is a great way to fill your freezer with healthy pork at a significant discount compared to buying the same cuts at retail prices. If freezer space is a challenge, pair up with a friend and split a Share amongst yourselves!

It is only possible to get pork of this quality directly from local producers like us that raise pigs outdoors on a healthy diet of natural foods and sunshine. Free of unnecessaries and full of goodness!

Reservations are opened up as litters are born. Shares are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Established customers are always offered the opportunity to reserve first; after that, new customer reservations are taken and filled in the order they are received. New customers, Contact Us┬áif you’d like to be added to the Customer List or Cancellation List.

Visit our Heritage Pork Shares webpage for all the juicy details and to download the reservation form.

Shares are limited so Contact Us soon to reserve your Heritage Pork Share!


Photo Credit: Copyright royal-mangalitsa.com. Used with permission.