2012 – 2023


January 28, 2023

by Krystal


Sleep sweet, my darling freckle-face boy.


Times like this knock the breath right out of me and leave me wondering if I’ll ever be able to breathe again.


You were the firstborn puppy from our first litter of English Shepherds. I helped you take your first breath. And I saw you take your last.


Truly great dogs like you, well, there are no words to express how special they are. Not many people can understand the bond we had with you. In a daily partnership of mutual trust, help, and friendship you saved the day countless times and always made us laugh with your wonderful sense of humor. We trusted you with our life… every single day. You were vigilant in your watchfulness over the fold, protecting them from black bears, wolves, cougars, coyotes, lynx, and bobcats. You were our go-to ranch hand because you could do it all, and with such finesse.


Being outside knowing you aren’t there is almost unbearable.


Your legacy lives on in your offspring. I catch glimpses of you in their amber eyes, so expressive like yours. But it will be bittersweet to see those resemblances now, knowing that I’ll never catch sight of your powerful handsome form again nor feel your big soft ears and fur under my hands nor know your watchful presence next to me.


So, so many memories.


Thank you, my baby boy, for all of your selfless love and care.


“A great dog is not defined by an absence of faults. A great dog is defined by the presence and strength of his virtues.” ~ Joyce Avery


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