Siobhan… our new English Shepherd pack member!

Pronounced shuh-VAHN, she is a gorgeous dark shaded Sable & White with rich red tones.

She is an extremely rare 3rd Generation Naturally Reared English Shepherd and is very special to us in another way… she is our great-grand puppy!!! Yes, the great-granddaughter of our Liam and Greer, granddaughter of Fahey and Ailagh. Talk about special, eh!

Siobhan has lovely structure with nice substance, and quite athletic. In the house she is a pretty low-key puppy, is very sweet and affectionate, likes to cuddle, is playful, and highly people oriented wherever she goes thinking everyone should be and wants to be her friend. She is fitting into her new pack of ES relatives very well, adoring play time with her grandparents and especially Auntie Niamh! When we first brought Siobhan home we had a litter of ten puppies on the ground (her Aunts and Uncles!). They all met and fell into playing as if they’d been raised together.

She is quick and eager to learn. She is keen on the poultry, interested in the sheep, and at the tender age of 12 weeks old quite unexpectedly drove a calf back into the paddock.

We are exceedingly pleased to have this little beauty in our ES family pack and on our ranch crew! Stay tuned to read about Siobhan as she blossoms!

Siobhan at 6 weeks old

Siobhan at 6 weeks old