A friend recently asked what we would do different. The short answer is ideally there are quite a few things, but realistically we did what we had to do, in the time we had to do it, with the resources we had.

There is the absolute need to learn from the successes and mistakes of others. However, each person or family’s circumstances are so different from the next that what works for one doesn’t work at all for another. Where one couple says never move into an unfinished dwelling, the other has no choice, it means their survival. While one may want outbuildings, fencing and livestock infrastructure complete in a short period of time, the next needs to build and install these incrementally over time.

There were definite lessons learned through last year and winter! One of the most important yet often overlooked as people lean toward being self-reliant instead of sustainable like the pioneers and homesteaders of the past is that of asking for and then accepting help from others. Honestly, we quite literally couldn’t have gotten this far without loads of help from friends and family!

We also learned just how important it is to take a little time away from the everyday stresses. Step back and see all the good, prioritize, spend time associating with friends, always nurture and strengthen the bonds with family, and keep a healthy spiritual routine. These are the things that truly sustain!!