Can it really be so long since I last posted? Apparently so.

As you can guess, it’s been busy on the Ranch. Life in general get’s that way! We’ve dealt with personal health challenges, installed a septic system, welcomed another granddaughter into the family, raised a litter of Havanese puppies, and survived a pandemic… among other things. Whew, what a whirlwind.

We have plans and hopes for 2021 to be a stellar year! A new water-wise gardening system along with the capability to harvest greens year-round is underway. A batch of chicks arrived just last weekend to start our new laying flock! Lamb and kid season will start literally any day. New Satin rabbit broodstock will be brought in. English Shepherd and Havanese litters will join the HG family. And another grandchild is due!

Happy Spring!