A quick Google search will result in many homemade udder wash formulations and numerous commercial brands available. I have my own ‘secret formula’ because I prefer non-toxic, all natural products and appreciate making things inexpensively at home.

My udder wash is mixed in a 16 oz. spray bottle, which uses less and is easy to direct right where you want it.

We use only Young Living essential oils due to their high quality, Seed-to-Seal ethics. Lavender is antibacterial and healing while peppermint is anti-inflammatory and soothing. When mosquitos and flies are a problem, I also add a couple drops of an essential oil blend from Young Living called Purification for its insect-repelling properties. It’s much nicer for everyone when flying pests aren’t a bother at milking time!

Highland Glenn Natural Udder Wash

A few drops of organic liquid castile soap (plain, no scent)
3 drops peppermint essential oil
7 drops lavender essential oil

Put water in bottle, and then add soap and oils. Give a quick shake to mix. Shake before each use.