The English Shepherd breed is well known for what is referred to as a Teflon coat. And I’m here to tell you it is marvelous! Yet there is some variety within the breed that makes for an undesirable heavy, super fluffy coat in a working breed like ES. We prefer the versatile “working coat.”

What is it? This term includes that wonderful Teflon quality which readily sheds water and snow, dried mud/dirt falls away, burs/seeds come out readily, easy-care with the occasional brushing, not prone to matting. Just as important is its density – not so dense that a dog heats up quickly or prone to overheating in summer, yet developing a thick undercoat for warmth in the dead cold of winter.

Our dogs have been a muddy, wet mess yet once dry, no one would ever guess it, seriously! There are plenty of wild plants/shrubs with nasty burrs around here. Our dogs can have tail, chest, and belly full yet they come out fairly easy with a comb.

Some dogs do get mats behind their ears, but it’s simple to keep on top of them with regular brushing of that area. Sometimes ear matting is temporary since that is a favorite area for puppies to grab hold of in play!

Yep, the working coat is mighty nice to live with. ;)