The new Shetland lambs arrived during April! Here are just some of them (we have a lot this year!). Aren’t they cute?!


Most of them are Black (shown on the left with his black mother Hollyhock) or Moorit (which is various shades of brown) and a couple will lighten to Musket (cream or very light brown with grey near the skin).  A few have white markings on their head. We got lots of rams this year, too, and several sets of twins.





And then there is this little guy, the lone black and white lamb! We’re going to keep him for his fleece color and wether him as company for our ram when he’s separated from the flock. Believe it or not, his fleece will be Light Grey like his mother, Twinflower (shown together in the pic on the right); she was black and white just like him as a lamb! I have just recently learned to spin wool so am super excited to work with all the lovely fleece colors in our flock!