We’re starting a new blog theme called “Homestead Tools”. This is where we will periodically share with you the tools that are must-haves on our off-grid homestead. To kick it off, we introduce the All American Sun Oven, considered the ultimate solar appliance with good reason!

Those who know me know that I am a researcher by nature. I heard about the Sun Oven on Teri’s Homestead Honey blog one year ago. Yes, a whole year. Teri even held a live webinar with the company so folks could learn all about, for which I made a special trip into town for the internet. It all sounded too good to be true, but thrilling at the same time! So began my yearlong research.


What I discovered was that in addition to the fantastic fact that you can cook, roast, bake, and even dehydrate produce in the Sun Oven, because there are no hot spots and the warm air circulates completely around the dish you can use it like a slow-cooker too. Now that is one electric appliance I really miss, so learning this really got me jazzed! Next, on cloudy days you can still use it, but like an old-fashioned hay box cooker, without the straw. There is a lot of emergency-preparedness talk nowadays. The Sun Oven fits into that perfectly since you do not rely on any fuel to use it, it truly is light enough to be easily transportable, and you can pasteurize water in it. See why it’s rightly called the Ultimate Solar Appliance?


Everything I read, heard, and watched earned high marks in my book, so we are now the proud owners of an All American Sun Oven!


Unfortunately, we ordered it in spring when weather in the mountains is unpredictable. A bright sunny morning can quickly turn to showers, or at least a day when the sun plays peek-a-boo. Not so good for solar cooking. While my spirits were slightly dampened, excitement won over and I have been experimenting in spite of it, partly to see what this thing can do under less than favorable solar conditions. And it’s awesome!!!


We highly recommend the All American Sun Oven to anyone! Even if you are on the electric grid, in summer use it in your backyard to keep the house cooler. Reducing utility bills is never a bad thing. Or take it camping where it will free up more time for hiking or exploring or whatever with friends and family, less slaving over the hot smoky camp fire, and you can enjoy freshly baked goods.


As we continue using the Sun Oven and I develop yummy recipes, I will share them on our blog. They will be tagged as “sun oven cookery”. Himself is even interested in doing a little cooking with it. Now that’s something!