I want to introduce you to a ranch resident not often seen… this is Chanel, our gorgeous ten year old house cat, also known as Kitty. She is a precious companion, the sweetest cat I’ve ever known, and I’ve known many being an admitted cat person and all. She is so nice to canines of all ages that she really isn’t a very good teacher cat to puppies.

Chanel is usually scared to death of coming outside. I think it’s because she was a feral kitten of an abandoned pregnant mommy and then raised under an enclosed porch, so the outside world held many dangers.

When we first got her we had to teach her how to interact with us. It was a new experience to have a kitten that wouldn’t play with us! After two weeks she purred for the first time – what a reward to our ears and hearts. She quickly became, and remains so even at her age, one of the most playful cats I’ve ever lived with, literally bouncing off the walls at times and racing around!

Chanel has recently decided that the outside world is something she wants to explore. For several days she came out just a few feet away from the door. That space soon grew to what it is now, about 25 feet. She even caught a mouse under the cabin, a space too small for the dogs to get under! It’s gotten to the point that when we open the door she leaps out. I have a feeling she will be a frequent companion in the kitchen garden this year.

This change makes me very happy for her. You see, four years ago she was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, a very little understood disease in felines. It’s managed naturally with a species appropriate raw diet rich in natural enzymes, and supplemental feline-specific enzymes at times as well, and essential oils. The time spent in contact with the earth’s magnetic energy is incredibly healthy, for all beings, and especially important for any with health issues. This simple action is referred to as “grounding” or “earthing”. I know it sounds sort of hippy-ish, but Google it for information and studies on this fascinating subject!

Chanel is more than just a “house cat” now. Even older cats can learn new tricks!

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