When someone new to the English Shepherd breed contacts us, they usually mention that these dogs sound too good to be true. We felt the same way. After living with ES for many years, we tell people they can believe all the wonderful stories they hear! Here is another story to add the the collective showing what remarkable dogs they truly can be.


Our boy Fahey has been amazing from the start. It was all we could do to wait until he was 6 months old to start helping during the winter feeding/watering of our small herd of cattle. Watching him find his balance point and learn flight zone of the sheep, on tip-toe, all on his own, was nothing less than breathtaking. Watching his outrun steadily increase to about 300 yards was mind-boggling forĀ  these human herding amateurs. At 2 years old he continues to impress us.


Just last week, when it was time to bring in the sheep for the night, Tom was distracted with something or other so told Fahey to “go find the sheep, bring them home”, the phrases he usually uses when they go together. Off he ran up the hill in the direction they usually like to hang out in the evening, 1/4 to 1/8 of a mile away, although we couldn’t see or hear them. About 5 minutes later, here comes Fahey on the heels of the flock, driving them all the way down into their nighttime pen. That’s our boy!


What do you do without a dog like that?