Niamh and her 2013 litter mates are 6 months old now. Not only is she quite a beauty but she is maturing into a very nice dog!


Niamh shows toughness with the cattle, gentleness with the sheep and rabbits, especially the new calves and lambs. It’s been wonderful to see her play-bow to put an uneasy ewe at ease, and then stick her head through the fence to lick a lamb!


The chickens are a different story right now. She just loves to chase and catch them, much to their dismay. I think like her father and grandfather before her, she just doesn’t like the hens outside of their yard and is trying to be helpful. She is learning “leave it” and “drop it” well though, so in no time she’ll be trustworthy around the free-rangers again.

web Niamh 6mo 100_4140