by Tom Beers


You died in our arms 7 weeks ago.

1/28/23 Today started out a beautiful sunny day and the mountains glimmered in their glory.

Whoever said “it’s a good day to die” is a liar.

It’s snowing now and soon you’ll be covered under a white blanket. Even as a pup you would prefer to lay out in the snow only getting up to shake off 4 inches or so and then lay again. Maybe if I lay too, until I turn cold and blue it will ease the pain and ache in my bones and heart.

3/18/23 Next week will be spring and the activities on the ranch will be ramping up. You’ll be missed sorely when needed and your presence won’t be there, but the hard fast memories of you will slow the drive I need.

(scene from a favorite movie)

C.R. (dying) : (struggling) “Rafe, what was that you heard?”

Rafe: ‘Tis a poor thing to fear the inevitable.”

C.R.: “Right, who said it?”

Rafe: ” Someone who wasn’t dying.”

C.R.: “Good advice but hard to follow.” (now dead)