We love, Love, Love fresh eggs. Scrambled, fried, soufflé-ed. Any way you fix ‘em, we’ll eat ‘em. One of our favorite ways is in a frittata, which is a kind of oven-baked omelet along with all sorts of goodies. And it’s a great way to use them when the hens are in full production and we have eggs coming out our ears.


But, and that is But with a capitol B, they must be fresh from hens fed non-GMO feed and preferably free ranged too. It absolutely does make a difference not only in nutritional value but also flavor!


However, there comes the dreaded time of year when our hens are not laying. Their body needs to rest in winter. This means we have to buy eggs at the store (gasp!). I know, right?!


So, I have been trying to figure out how we can best preserve some of those fabulous eggs for use in winter frittata’s. The conclusion- it needs to involve freezing. From what I’ve read, whole eggs don’t freeze well for later use, but if they are whipped first it’s much better.


One morning when my kitchen counters were lined with full egg cartons, I got out the mixing bowl and whisk and went to work. One dozen at a time (because that’s how many eggs I use in my frittata recipe) I lightly whipped them up, poured into a freezer ziploc bag, pressed out all the air, labeled with date, and then Himself took them to our chest freezer at a neighbor’s house. Voila!


Here at 14 dozen eggs ready for winter use! Yay!!!