After a few years without, it appears we will finally have baby rabbits soon! Oh boy, I do love baby bunnies. Okay, okay, I love all the babies!

Our black Satin doe Velvet is due the end of June. Satin rabbits are friendly, known for their lustrous fur that is wonderful for tanning, and are also a meat breed.

Our white cross-breed doe Lah-Ti (American/New Zealand) is due the same time. Both American and New Zealand rabbits are meat breeds, with the American being a fur breed as well. She was bred to our white Satin buck.

Check out In the Nestbox for the arrival of these litters. Contact us if you are interested in any of the kits for your own rabbit herd, or as a pet. They will be ready for new homes around August or September.

If you don’t already have rabbits, think about it! There are quiet, clean, low maintenance, provide fertilizer for the garden, excellent quality meat high in protein, fur for crafts, make great pets and 4-H animals, one of the top homestead animals.