We know feeding your family healthy foods is forefront in your mind. By selling a limited number of Heritage Pork Shares each year, we desire to offer alternatives for high-quality pork. A Heritage Pork Share is a great way to fill your freezer with healthy pork at a significant discount compared to buying the same cuts at retail prices.

Commercially raised pigs are some of the most intensively-confined meat animals in the U.S., more so than beef or chicken. In comparison, our Mangalitsa pigs spend their entire lives outside with abundant space to root and forage. After they dig up their space, we move them to fresh ground. We plant forage crops where the pigs were to not only keep the soil healthy and prevent erosion but to supplement their diet. They have a moveable hut to take a shady nap in during the day and get cozy in at night. They receive plenty of fresh water, wallows, and scratches behind the ears. We do our best to enrich their lives. In return, we love watching their playful antics!

In addition, we feed our pigs a Lacto fermented mix of non-GMO grains and legumes grown in the PNW, free of corn and soy. We also give them fruit, dairy products, fresh eggs, and organic treats from the kitchen garden; alfalfa/grass hay in winter. Brewer’s mash from Republic Brewing Company adds fiber to the pig’s diet while increasing organic matter in the soil. We want healthy pigs and meat so we do not give them processed bakery items full of chemical preservatives.

Modern pigs are bred to grow quickly and produce lean meat, but Mangalitsa pigs take longer to mature (12-18 months) which results in meat that is highly nutritious, richly flavored, deep red, and marbled with fat. Mangalitsa qualifies as “heritage” pork. The pigs also produce wonderful fat for all of your cooking and baking needs, or for making soap and candles.

It is only possible to get pork of this quality directly from local producers like us that raise pigs outdoors on a healthy diet of natural foods and sunshine. Free of unnecessaries and full of goodness!

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