We know feeding your family healthy foods is forefront in your mind. By selling a limited number of Heritage Pork Shares each year, we desire to offer our community local alternatives for high-quality pork. A Heritage Pork Share is a great way to fill your freezer with healthy pork at a significant discount compared to buying the same cuts at retail prices.

Commercially raised pigs are some of the most intensively-confined meat animals in the U.S., more so than beef or chicken. In comparison, our Mangalitsa pigs spend their entire lives outside with abundant space to root and forage. After they dig up their space, we move them to fresh ground. We plant forage crops where the pigs were to not only keep the soil healthy and prevent erosion but to supplement their diet. They have a moveable hut to take a shady nap in during the day and get cozy in at night. They receive plenty of fresh water, wallows, and scratches behind the ears. We do our best to enrich their lives. In return, we love watching their playful antics!

In addition, we feed our pigs a Lacto fermented mix of non-GMO grains and legumes grown in the PNW, free of corn and soy. We also give them fruit, dairy products, fresh eggs, and organic treats from the kitchen garden; alfalfa/grass hay in winter. Brewer’s mash from Republic Brewing Company adds fiber to the pig’s diet while increasing organic matter in the soil. We want healthy pigs and meat so we do not give them processed bakery items full of chemical preservatives.

Modern pigs are bred to grow quickly and produce lean meat, but Mangalitsa pigs take longer to mature (12-18 months) which results in meat that is highly nutritious, richly flavored, deep red, and marbled with fat. Mangalitsa qualifies as “heritage” pork. The pigs also produce wonderful fat for all of your cooking and baking needs, or for making soap and candles.

It is only possible to get pork of this quality directly from local producers like us that raise pigs outdoors on a healthy diet of natural foods and sunshine. Free of unnecessaries and full of goodness!



Our price for 2023 Heritage Pork Shares is $6.00 per pound of hanging weight. The pigs are an important component of the Ranch in general; our prices ensure that we can continue raising quality pork.

We require a deposit of $200 per Half Share or $300 for Whole Share to reserve your pig. (Pre-payment plans can also be set up, more info in the FAQs below). This deposit secures your Share and helps cover the cost of raising your pig to size. The deposit goes toward the final price once it is weighed. All deposits are non-refundable.

We target 100-pound halves hanging weight, but the final result depends on the pigs. You can then expect the dress-out weight of our pork estimated to be 90-140 pounds for a Whole pig. This is our first time offering Pork Shares so at harvest things might look a little different than these figures. The carcass weight is what we call “hanging weight”. Your final cuts of pork will be around 40% of the hanging weight plus any organs you wish to keep. Most buyers want to keep the valuable Mangalitsa fat! Bones make up the remainder.

Reservations are opened up as litters are born. Shares are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Established customers are always offered the opportunity to reserve first; after that, new customer reservations are taken and filled in the order they are received. New customers, e-mail us if you’d like to be added to the Customer List or Cancellation List.

Cut and wrap costs are paid directly to the butcher. Prior to processing, we provide our customers with a Pig Cut Sheet to give the butcher so your pork is just how you like it. Cut and wrap costs do fluctuate but are currently around $.70 per pound, plus additional fees for curing and smoking (hams, bacon, etc.).  Finished pork is then picked up from the butcher.

Sample Cost for a Whole Pork Share

  • Hanging weight: 100 lbs.
  • $6.00 x 100 lbs.= $600 to Highland Glenn Ranch
  • $0.70 x 100 lbs.= $70 to butcher (+ more for optional curing/smoking)
  • Total: $670


Sound delish? RESERVE NOW!

  1. Confirm availability of the Heritage Pork Share you wish to purchase by calling us at 509-775-0204, or emailing twohunnyz @hotmail.com. We will answer any questions you may have. Pork Shares are available for pickup only; we cannot ship at this time.
  2. Upon confirmation from us, print and fill out the Reservation Form and mail it along with a deposit check to us. HGR HERITAGE PORK SHARE RESERVATION FORM
  1. After harvest, as soon as we know the hanging weight of your animal, we will email you an invoice with the total of your order. Please correct any errors and send a printed copy to us along with the payment of the balance due.


Buying a Half or Whole animal can be intimidating the first time! We’ve included frequently asked questions below:

Do I need a lot of freezer space? 

Frankly, yes. Plan on 1 cubic foot per 25 lbs. of pork. For reference, a Half Share takes up the entire freezer space in a standard freezer/fridge combo. Reasonably priced chest freezers can be found on Craigslist or FB Marketplace. We bought ours at a second-hand appliance store. You will never regret having an extra freezer! Or, you can always pair up with a friend and split a Share amongst yourselves!

Can I have other parts of the pig? 

Of course! Sometimes people want the bones, organs, head, or feet of the animal. You can indicate that on the Order Form. Some extras are picked up from the butcher upon request only (fat/bones/some organs) and some must be picked up at the Ranch on the day of slaughter. We do charge an additional flat rate of $25 for taking the extras not received from the butcher since those are not included in the final hanging weight.

Can I pay ahead of time? 

Absolutely! We will work with you to set up a pre-payment plan that meets your needs, in whatever increments you like, and invoice you on a decided schedule. Usually, there are 8-10 months between the initial deposit and the harvest of the animal. The only requirements are that you pay the deposit and whatever the remainder is at harvest before you receive your pork. We allow pre-payment of up to $400 on a Half Share and up to $600 on a Whole Share. The final price is generally a little higher than that, but we’ve capped it to avoid overpayment.