Missing Fahey

by Tom Beers   You died in our arms 7 weeks ago. 1/28/23 Today started out a beautiful sunny day and the mountains glimmered in their glory. Whoever said "it's a good day to die" is a liar. It's snowing now and soon you'll be covered under a white blanket. Even as a pup you [...]

Website Under Construction

Our website is under construction, so please excuse the dust! We have updated existing web content and added new pages with more content and photos to come. Here are the new pages: Australorp Chickens Delaware Chickens Chicken Trivia Egg-cellent Recipes Palais de Poulet Mangalitsa Pigs Fermented Feed for Livestock Home Dairy

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Brooding Chicks With Zero Electricity

In 2021, we needed to start a new laying flock. Living off-grid with only a small amount of solar power, we needed to learn how to brood chicks with very little- or preferably zero- electricity. We saw kerosene set-ups to provide heat. In pondering over it though, for one thing, Krystal is highly sensitive to [...]

New Docu-series

There is a groundbreaking new docu-series from Ty Bollinger coming out April 12th. For its world premiere you can watch all 7 parts Free! Just click on this link to register today. https://go.thetruthaboutvaccines.com?ref=0a702487-a5a7-4e54-aae7-41604f058f96 Watch it for the sake of the children in your life.

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Brahma Flock Update

The new flock of Brahma chickens is doing marvelous. We really, really, really (did I say really?) like the breed!!! So far we are quite impressed.   They started laying the end of January, albeit only one hen to begin with, but it’s still earlier than the other breeds. One month later they are laying [...]

Goat Kids Arrived!

Our dairy goats Cedar and Brie had their kids! They are tons of fun to watch romp around.   We are going to keep Cedar’s beautiful Chamoise buckling and wether him. He will be a companion for our herd buck Pepe when he is away from the girls. And I think it would be neat [...]

Busy Times

Not only are we in baby season full-swing with lambs arriving almost daily to go along with all the other babies around the ranch, but we are getting geared up for spring/summer projects.   However, we got slowed down a bit when Tom slipped on the ice 4 weeks ago and gave himself a doozy [...]

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The Book Shelf- “The Complete Book of Irish Country Cooking”

“The Complete Book of Irish Country Cooking- Traditional and Wholesome Recipes from Ireland”   This gorgeous coffee table book written by Darina Allen presents more than 300 recipes for native Irish dishes; embellished with comments, history, and amusing anecdotes from Chef Allen. More than a mere recipe book, it’s a record of how the Irish [...]

New Puppy’s Arrive!

Our 2015 litter of Naturally Reared English Shepherd puppies made their debut on March 23rd!   All ten, beautiful wee babes and their mother are health and growing fine.   The boys have it this year with 7, to the 3 girls.   Commence snuggling with puppies, precious baby sounds, and all-too-soon romping around the [...]

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