Are you looking for a fabulous fetch toy? Well, I know of a terrifically fun one!

A soft foam rim, water proof fabric disc called Zipflight by Chuckit! It’s lightweight, safe for your dog’s teeth, flies fast and true, and is brightly colored to see easily.

I don’t have a good throwing arm but the Zipflight (which our dogs know by the word ‘frisbee’) flies far even for me.

Now that we’re in winter, balls or sticks don’t quite cut it for fetch… they just sink beyond sight in the snow. The Zipflight lands on top the snow or if thrown in such a way comes down at an angle and lands sticking partly out of the snow. I think it even floats on water!

It is not a chew toy, so supervision with the Zipflight is required.

Niamh and I highly recommend it