The new flock of Brahma chickens is doing marvelous. We really, really, really (did I say really?) like the breed!!! So far we are quite impressed.


They started laying the end of January, albeit only one hen to begin with, but it’s still earlier than the other breeds. One month later they are laying 10 to 18 eggs every day. But the most impressive part is that the pullet eggs were a medium to large size from the get-go! You can see the comparison in this photo to a medium-sized store bought white egg. The eggs are now large sized and in lovely shades of light brown. Nice!


We have also been very pleased with their hardiness this winter. We had temperatures 20 degrees colder than normal with extended periods well below zero, yet these young birds decided they would rather roost under the henhouse for most of the winter than in it.


Right now we are in the beginning of spring thaw and things are a livid muddy mess. Warnings for this breed are to watch for frozen toes in such conditions but they are all fine. It seems that while they roost at night it dries the feathers.


Also, you know how chickens usually hate to walk around in snow? These lovelies don’t seem to mind one bit as they blaze new trails after each storm!


Comb size is just about perfect for cold winter areas as well. Notice the comb difference between a Brahma rooster, a Barred Rock hen, and a Speckled Sussex hen in this photo. His comb is smaller than the other hens, which have been prone to frost bite in our winters. The Brahma hens have virtually no comb, as you can see in the other photos.


And then there are the gorgeous feather colors/patterns – just look at the stunning emerald green on the Roo, and the lacey silver penciled pattern on the hens!!! Not only are they beautiful chickens to look at, but the color and pattern are wonderful camouflage as well. Again, look at the photo to see the difference in pattern compared to a Barred Rock. We also happen to think their fancy feathered legs are charming!


It’s been quite interesting getting to know the breeds personality and temperament. They are very laid back, ultra-curious about what we’re doing, easy to pet and pick up when needed without a panicky fuss. They even want to interact with the dogs when one comes up to the fence, practically running over to say hello! We’ve heard that the roosters are nice, too, but we are giving them more time to find if that it true or not. We’ll let you know.


So overall, we really like this majestic old breed of chicken!